Sunday, February 26, 2006

My dentist makes me so angry

When will people learn that a strapline is never a good idea. Note the strapline on exhibit A - 'Tomorrow's Dentistry Today'. It nearly makes me want to cry. Why do people insist on making themselves look like idiots. When will they learn.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

We have a new team member

Lets welcome back Dan to the world of advertising. Its seems Dan's life of a rockstar with all the groupies just left him feeling incomplete and he is back to copy writing for YellaCorp. Well done Dan.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

YellaCorp Silent Partner

Paul likes to smooze and talk a lot. The fancies himself as a bit of a copy writer but at YellaCorp we have a strict policy againt dillusion. Therefore Paul fills the important role of account director and is also incharge of new business.

YellaCorp Charter

Every company needs a charter and values so YellaCorp is no different.
Lets see... what is that thing that everyone seems to forget... oh yeh...

'Good Creative Work'

YellaCorp Rules

• Achievable deadlines
• Sane Clients
• Decent Briefs NB: 'a sense of belonging' is not a proposition

YellaCorp Mascot

The Dancing Monkey.

This is the dance creative people do when confronted by stupid creative suggestions by non creative people.

Lets introduce you to the Team

This is Rikki (far right) and Josh (far left). They are the kickass creative team.
James (middle). Well he just got into award school - for now he is on standby for any legal or copyright issues. (I still have a grudge against James).

This is Thom. He might feel left out if I did not include him and provides YellaCorp with all the architectural advice a graphic design firm could need.

Director of YellaCorp

This is me - the director of YellaCorp. I like to yell at people a lot, hence the name for YellaCorp for my design agency. I don't like stupid people and hate stupid briefs even more, hence our motto, 'We don't do shit' (although this may come across as we do nothing - which is also ok).

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Welcome To YellaCorp

The best creative organisation in ALL THE WORLD